No more odors

Sweat, moisture, humidity, dirt, dead skin cells and living life in general make regular bedding a perfect breeding ground for bacteria growth. The result? Bedding that feels and smells decidedly unfresh.

Our skin-safe antimicrobial technology kills bacteria. Before they have a chance to grow and multiply. So your oh-so-comfy bed feels cleaner and smells fresher for longer.

The science behind our anti-microbial technology

Our skin-safe, non-toxic technology actively fights mold, mildew and bacteria.

1. Microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses or mold that are found on your skin and clothes) are attracted by the permanent anti-microbial fabric coating.

2. Once in contact, the microbe cell membrane is punctured and microbes are deactivated.

3. Bedding and towels stay fresh and odor free longer.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The feel of these sheets makes me want to go to bed early and make it a little tough to get out of bed in the AM. The generous size of these sheets makes me feel like I've been short sheeted on the other brands of sheets I've bought in the past. No more looking for sheets that disappear because my husband turned over. No need to retuck at the bottom...

Kim M. - Seattle, WA

This duvet cover is amazing! Lightweight, warm but doesn't make you sweat at night , also, extremely soft. I also bought the duvet insert and so far I love it! Definitely recommend to buy together.

Laura J. - Albany, NY

Love the feel of these sheets. They also fit perfect on my Nectar mattress. They were delivered very fast. Customer service is great too. I called them twice with questions and they got me an answer quickly

Sara M. - Denver, CO

Extra fresh. No funk.

Your bedding stays smelling fresh. Even if life throws damp dogs, sweat, humidity, or dirt its way.